Weighing Pans

Weighing pans, which are also commonly referred to as weighing scoops, weighing dishes, and scale pans, are simple containers used to hold your items in place while your scale determines their weight. Weighing pans are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can be made out of many different materials.

At Digital Scales AZ you’ll find a vast selection of weighing pans for your analog and digital scales. Our weighing pan selection includes scale pans and scoops that vary in size, depth, and capacity. Some have solid arms and some are hung with chains. No matter what your weighing applications require, we’re sure to have a weighing pan that’s right for you.

Weighing pans offer more than a surface to place your items on. They also protect your expensive scale. By placing messy items such as liquids, chemicals, and powders, on a weighing pan rather than directly on your scale, you minimize the chance of your scale becoming contaminated. Simplify your weighing applications and protect your investment by purchasing a high quality weighing pan today.