Wash Down Scales

The digital washdown scales that you’ll find on Digital Scales AZ are all top of the line digital scales with an IP rating of IP65 or above. If you’re looking for a wash down scale that can withstand the moisture present when cleaning, scrubbing, and spraying with cleaners, sanitizers, and alcohol, these are the scales for you.

Digital washdown scales are perfect for use in laboratories, food service industries, and all around wet environments. Made with the highest quality materials designed to keep the internal electronics and mechanisms safe from moisture and contaminates. Consisting of stainless steel pans and splash proof exteriors, these scales will hold up against heavy duty cleaning agents. You can rest assured that when you purchase your washdown scale from us, you’ll be able to continue weighing, cooking, and experimenting for as long as you desire.

Not sure what exactly the IP rating of a digital scale stand for? The IP code, also known as the International Protection Rating or Ingress Protection Rating, is made up of the letters IP and then two numbers. The numbers define the amount of protection a digital scale has and what it can withstand. The first number defines the amount of protection against solid matter and the second number defines the amount of protection against liquids. The first number on all of the washdown scales that you’ll find here is 6, meaning that the internal parts are protected from all types of solid contaminates, down to the smallest piece of dust.

The second digit in an IP rating, for protection against liquids, can range from zero to eight. Since none of our washdown scales are lover than IP65, we’ll start with the number five when explaining the level of protection these scales include. Having an IP65 rating shows that a scale’s enclosure can withstand water jets down to 6.3mm at 12.5 liters per minute for at least three minutes without causing any harmful effects to the scale.

IP66 states that a digital scale can withstand more powerful water jets, 100 liters per minute, for three minutes, with nozzles up to 12.5mm from any direction. IP67 scales can actually be submerged into water up to one meter deep for up to a half and hour. IP68 scales are probably the best protection you will find and can be submerged more than a meter deep continuously. The specific details of how deep an IP68 scale can go and for how long are specified by the scales manufacturer.

Whatever your weighing applications require, we’re sure to have a digital washdown scale that meets your requirements. If you can’t find a scale right for your weighing applications on our site, contact us and we’ll help you locate the scale that’s right for you.