Top Loaders

TopLoaders-80x80Mechanical top loaders provide the perfect solution for most weighing application that involve fixed weights. These versatile scales can do it all in the kitchen, classroom, restaurant, laboratory, and most industrial settings. Whatever your weighing applications require, we have a top loader that’s perfect for you.

Typically top loaders are small in size, making them a great choice for all of your portable weighing applications. The durable construction of these convenient scales most often consists of a shatterproof lens covering the top of a large marked face, which provides simple viewing from almost any angle or distance. All of the top loaders that we offer include dual marked dials, which provide you with weight result of your objects in multiple weighing units. Top loaders are available for measurements in pounds, ounces, kilograms, and grams, in a wide variety of capacities, with different precisions, to ensure that there is one that’s right for you. 

Top loaders come in very attractive and sleek styles, which look great on any home or commercial countertop. In addition to great looks, the surfaces areas of these mechanical scales are easy-to-clean, allowing quick clean up after messy weighing applications. Since these scales are fully washable and provide precisions ranging from one tenth of a gram to one quarter of a pound, they are perfect for portion control applications where cleanliness is required such as in a deli or restaurant. 

With no need for power, gravity providing all of the energy that theses scales require, there are no added expenses involved with using top loader scales. Simply adjust the zero knob, which is located below the platform or bowl to balance, or tare the scale to zero. Place the item you wish to weigh on the platform or in the bowl, and allow the pointer to balance out at the correct weight. If required, rinse or wipe down and repeat for your next item. 

No matter what you call them, top loading scales, mechanical top loading scales, analog top loading scales, or spring scales, these are the most economical solutions for any home or commercial kitchens weighing needs. Whatever you require from a mechanical top loader, at Digital Scales AZ we’re sure to have one that is right for you and your applications. We only offer the highest quality in weighing scales.

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