Tea Scales

Digital tea scales provide the right combination of precision, accuracy, and readability for making the perfect cup of tea. Most tea scales also include a cover, which doubles as a weighing bowl to minimize the chance of spilling tealeaves. With all the shapes, styles, and colors, you’re sure to find one that’s right or you.

Tea is an aromatic beverage that’s made by combining cured leaves with hot or boiling water. This slightly bitter drink is the second most consumed beverage around the world, right after water. Teas popularity is due to the wide variety of strength, flavor, and types of teas that are available. In addition, tea offers great flexibility since adjusting the tealeaves used, spices added, or length of brewing time, will result in a slightly different flavor and strength. This allows you to make your cup of tea to suit your personal and unique taste. However, this flexibility also has a downside, duplicating the same cup can be very difficult to accomplish.

Imagine you’ve decided to change up your daily cup of tea. Mixing a unique selection of tealeaves and spices, heating your water to the perfect temperature, and then letting your mixture simmer for the perfect amount of brewing time. Now this new mixture produces the best cup of you have ever had. The next day you’re determined to duplicate your previous days tea, when disaster strikes, something isn’t right and this cup doesn’t compare. Don’t let this happen to you, using a digital tea scale will allow you to track all of your mixtures down to the tenth of a gram, ensuring an exact measurement every time.

When using a spoon to measure out the volume of your loose tealeaves, you allow a lot of room for error. Tealeaves vary in size, so a spoonful of large tealeaves will have less weight than a spoonful of smaller crushed tealeaves. However, if you use a digital tea scale to weight out your tealeaves, their size doesn’t matter, 0.2 grams will always be 0.2 gram. Taking a couple extra seconds to weight out your tealeaves on a digital tea scale will ensure that your next cup of tea is just a good as your last. Tea scales also allow you to experiment with different mixtures, while recording them for future enjoyment or avoidance.

At Digital scales AZ we only offer top quality digital tea scales that will provide you with years of use when cared for properly. Always use and store your digital tea scale in a clean and try environment and never attempt to weigh an object that exceed its weight capacity.