Tabletop Scales

Table top scales are the best for home application. If you’re looking for the best tabletop digital scales, you’ve come to the right place. At Digital Scales AZ you’ll find the highest quality digital bench and tabletop scales used for counting, food preparation, portion control, point of sale, shipping and many other weighing applications commonly encountered in home, office, and industrial environments.

Bench scales are the perfect solution for most general weighing applications. The bench scales we carry are high quality and can usually handle loads up to 2,000 pounds. Their durability, reliability, and affordability make them the some of the most popular scales we carry. Get one of these digital bench scales for yourself, you wont be disappointed.

Counting scales do exactly what the name suggests, gives the user the ability to count parts quickly and accurately. Their design not only counts parts, but also allows the user to keep track of the total number of units weighed over a selected period of time. Digital counting scales are ideal for use in shipping, manufacturing, food preparation and processing.

Kitchen scales are equipped with everything that you would expect form a scale designed for use in personal and professional kitchens, including modern designs, counting abilities, easy-to-clean platforms, precision tools, and durable construction for countless uses. The versatility of these digital kitchen scales will amaze the most selective of users.

Portion control scales are commonly found in hospitality and food preparation settings where cleanliness is required. The simple and easy to use functions of these digital portion control scales will allow users to work faster and more efficiently, minimizing product waste and labor costs.

The point of sale or POS scales that we have to offer have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they will accurately calculate your sales with every transaction. Many of our POS scales come ready to connect to your computer, cash register, or point of sale system, so that they can correctly provide the price of any item based on its weight.

Precision balances come in a wide variety of styles and size with just as many precision and capacity variations. With our large selection of digital precision balances, we’re sure you will find the right balance for your home, kitchen, laboratory, warehouse, or classroom.

Shipping scales are available in just as many shapes and sizes as the packages that they’re designed to weigh. We offer scales that cover the entire spectrum of shipping applications. From standard postage meters to scales for large freight shipments, we have the digital shipping scales that will meet your shipping requirements.