Specialty Scales

These specialty scales are designed for use during specific weighing applications. Whether you need to weigh gun powder while reloading, your latest catch while fishing, herbs or tea leaves for consumption, gems for jewelry making, or chemicals in your lab, at Digital Scales AZ we carry a wide selections of specialty scales designed for your weighing applications.

Although it is possible to reload ammunition without using a scale, using an ammunition scale will minimize the chance of accidentally over loading your cartridges and creating a potentially dangerous round. Using an ammunition scale will allow you to adjust the amount of powder you use, ensuring that all of your rounds are within specs and will perform with more consistency. Further more, a high quality ammunition scale will allow you to sort your bullets into cases of equal weights, which can provide even greater consistency on the range.

Fishing scales are the perfect gift for the exaggerating fisherman. These durable and simple to use scales provide an affordable way to determine just how big your latest catch really is. Since these scales are designed for rugged outdoor use, they are resistant to shock, water splashes, and other types of interference, their also great for other use such as utility weighing, weighing luggage, and even food preparation. Fishing scales are available in digital and analog designs, both of which provide the user a fast and simple ways to measure their trophy catch.

Digital gem scales provide you with an ultra high precision solution for weighing out your semi-precious and precious stones and gems. The majority of these gem scales provide you with the ability to weigh in carets, grams, ounces, troy ounces, and pennyweights with precisions down to the five-hundredth of a gram. Using an inferior scale can result in a large loss of revenue. By using one of the high quality gem scales you find here on Digital Scales AZ, you will get accurate weight measurements of your jewels and gems, potentially saving you money.

Take the guesswork out of cooking by including one of our herbal scales to your kitchen. Herbal scales are a great way to accurately measure out the correct amount of herbs and spice for your next meal. Many of these herbal scales include a bowl providing simple spill free transferring of your herbs and spices to your mixing bowl.

No matter where you use these premium grade laboratory scales, they will not let you down. We’ve located the best laboratory scales for both the lab and the classroom. From triple beam balances to high precision digital scales in a wide range of capacities, we have the laboratory scales that you’re looking for.

Nothing is more enjoyable than brewing your own custom cup of tea from loose tealeaves. By using a gram scale you can experiment with the amount of tealeaves you use, until you create the most delicious cup of tea. Once accomplished, you can simple follow the same measurements in order to duplicate your perfect cup of tea, every time.