Shipping Scales

Digital shipping scales are available in as many variations as the packages they are designed to weigh. Proper selection and use of a digital shipping scale will save you money by preventing unnecessary shipping expenses. Here you’ll find digital shipping scales with all the features required for accurate package weighing.

At Digital Scales AZ we carry digital shipping scales and meters of all shapes and sizes. The shipping scales that your find here are designed for use in tabletop shipping applications, either at home or in the office. Before purchasing a new shipping scale, it’s important to take your package size, shipping volume, and location into consideration. The importance of each factor will vary depending on your specific shipping needs, however your new scale must accommodate each of them.

Shipping scales are made with a wide variety of maximum weighing capacities. When selecting a scale this should be the first piece of criteria your new scale must meet. Making sure your new shipping scale can handle the packages you intend to weigh is crucial. If your packages weigh 40 pounds and your new scale’s capacity is 30 pounds, you’re not going to be able to weight them. Likewise, if your new scale’s capacity is 100 pounds and your weighing letters, it’s probably not going to be as accurate as you would like. You want to choose a shipping scale that can handle your largest package, yet not one that can weigh items that are much heavier. This way you will get the most accurate weight, every time you weigh a package.

Your shipping volume will help you determine how much you can spend on your new shipping scale. If you only ship one package a day or maybe a few every week, spending hundreds of dollars on a shipping scale doesn’t make sense. However, if you’re constantly shipping a large number of packages, a more expensive scale will pay for itself fairly quick and should be considered an acceptable expense.

The final major consideration is the location where your packages are being weighed. If you’re weighing packages in your cramped home office, a smaller scale may better suite your shipping needs. However, if you have a lot of room to spare, such as in a warehouse, a larger scale may work better for your shipping operations. Also, make sure to confirm that your new digital shipping scale will function with temperature and humidity level of your location.

By considering these three factors when picking out your shipping scale, you’ll save yourself from a lot of lost time and the frustration of having to return your scale for another one. At Digital Scales AZ we carry shipping scales in every shape, size, and capacity imaginable, so you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you and your shipping applications.