Scale Accessories

Make sure all your digital scales are providing you with accurate results and operating at peak performance by stocking up on our top quality digital and analog scale accessories. You’ll find accessories ranging from AC adapters and batteries to cables, printers, and calibration kits, here at Digital Scales AZ that will keep your scales performing like new.

AC power adapters are a great way to save money and avoid the hassles of recharging batteries, replacing batteries, or having your scale turn off at an inopportune time. Match one of the many dual power scales found on Digital Scales AZ with one of these convenient AC power adapters.

Anti-vibration pads and accessories will help minimize or eliminate the disruptions caused by communication waves, machines, electricity, and cooling and heating devices, which are constantly creating small vibrations that can affect your digital scales readings.

Batter powered digital scales can use any one of a number of different batteries such as 9 volt, AA, AAA, C, CR2032, and LR44. We carry replacement batteries for all the batter powered digital scales we have to offer, stock up and avoid running out of power.

Bench scale bases are made so you can build your own scale or replace a broken base. Available in a wide range of capacitates, sizes, and styles, there’s sure to be a bench scale base that will work with your digital indicator.

Bird stand digital scales are designed specifically for use in zoos and veterinary clinics where getting an accurate weight of our plumed friends are daily and difficult tasks.

Bowls are designed for digital and analog scales to provide you an easy way to measure items that normally couldn’t be weighed on a standard scale platform. Keep your objects being weighed together, contained, and visible in one of these transparent weighing bowls.

Cables for digital scales come with many styles, sizes, purposes, and include several different interfaces. Connect your scale to a printer or secure it to a desk, with one of our high quality cables.

Calibration weights are a simple way to maintain the accuracy of your scales. Available individually and in full kits depending on your calibration needs.

Covers and cases are made to protect your scales from messes either while in use or while in storage. Let these covers and cases get messy and tarnished instead of destroying your expensive digital scale.

Digital Indicators are great for replacing or upgrading your scale without having to buy an entirely new machine. We offer a wide variety of NTEP approved digital indicators.

Foot switches are very useful during food preparation and other application where you don’t want to touch your digital scale. Foot switches allow you to zero (tare) your digital scale with your foot for hands-free use.

Calibration kits come with everything you’ll need to keep your scale performing like new, saving your time and money. Our density kits will measure the density of your object.

Printers can connect to your digital scales and are ideal for logging valuable data. We have a wide range of printers available that will provide fast and efficient printouts. Don’t forget your printer paper.