Precision Pocket Scales

Precision pocket scales may not have the same sensitivity of the high precision pocket scales, but they do have the same quality and many include of the same features, without the high price. These digital scales are great for hobbies and various day-to-day applications that require a digital scale with .1-gram accuracy.

Pocket scales are small battery powered digital scales that can be slipped into a shirt pocket with ease. With their small size, digital pocket scales are an ideal scale choice for anyone looking for a portable and reliable precision scale. Made with an intuitive protective cover, which provides protection to the weighing pan and load cells while in your pocket and during storage. Large numeric displays make reading these scales simple. Many pocket scales also include a backlit LCD, which increases the display’s visibility. Precision pocket scales are a perfect for determining the weight of small items like gold, silver, precious gemstones, jewelry, powders, tea’s, and tobacco’s, while on the go. Whatever you’re weighing needs, at Digital Scales AZ you’ll find digital precision pocket scales that get the job done.

These precision pocket scales don’t just look like a miniature digital scale. They all include sleek and fashionable design, some of which don’t look like scales at all. These pocket scales look, feel, and sometimes function as a totally different object such as a CD, lighter, ashtray, or coffee mug, so at first glance, you don’t know they’re a scale. It’s only when you pull back and open the protective cover that will you find a completely functional and accurate digital scale. These precision novelty pocket scales are a great way to keep your scale out in the open, without having to worry about a roommate borrowing your scale and forgetting to return it. As an added bonus, the protective cover on many of these pocket scales can be used to expand the weighing tray, if the item your weighing requires it.

Precision digital pocket scales are small, and for this reason, it’s important that you always handle them with care. They are designed to be very durable and withstand repeated use, however harsh treatment of these pocket scales can permanently damage the internal load cells or sensors. When weighing an item it is always a good idea to make sure the item does not exceed your pocket scales maximum capacity and to place the item gently on the weighing platform. Never drop an item on the platform. The added force from falling objects increases the items initial weight, which now might exceed the scales capacity and cause damage to the precision pocket scale.