Precision Balances

The Precision Balances that you’ll find on Digital Scales AZ are designed for tabletop use, where high precision is required. Most often used for part counting, check weighing, and other analysis applications, in laboratories and educational facilities. We offer a wide range of styles, capacities, and precision to choose from.

We’re sure to have the right digital precision balance that will not only meet your requirements, but will get the job done. All of the precision balances on our site meet or exceed industry standards for reliability and quality. Take a look through our large selection. Your future scale is waiting for you. If you have any questions or need a little help choosing the right scale, contact us, we’ll be glad to help guide you on your journey.

Once you receive your new scale, there are some things you need to know before operating it. Fist and most important, these precision balances are very sensitive and can be affected by many things, proper installation is required. Choose a flat, level, and low traffic area away from doors and air vents to place your scale. If your scale is not level, your measurements will not be accurate. A 0.3-degree angle can create a 0.0025g difference in weight for a 200g item. Low traffic and out of the way areas are better because airflow can cause inconsistencies as well, if your balance doesn’t include a draft shield.

Other environmental factors to consider are vibrations, temperature, humidity, and static. Vibrations can be caused by almost anything, try to keep your new scale as isolated as possible. Keeping your scale in a temperature-controlled environment is always recommended. With some precision balances a one-degree change in temperature can cause a shift in measurement by one digit. Many of our scales have temperature correction built-t in, although it’s always better to be safe than get inaccurate readings. Static is the most over looked factor, which can also be controlled by keeping humidity levels within an appropriate range.

Now that your precision balance is in place, it’s time to prep it for weighing. Plug it in and never unplug it. In some cases a precision balance may require being powered up for as many as 48 hours before use, however many only required 30 minutes. Calibrate, calibrate, calibrate. A scale is only as accurate as you make it. It’s important to calibrate often to ensure accurate readings. When you calibrate it’s also important to remember that the weights you are using are all the scale has to go by. Make sure you use high quality, certified calibration weights and get them re-certified every year.

When weighing, always keep your scale clean. A small layer of dust can through your measurement off. Dust also contributes to static interference. Always weigh in the center of the weighing pan. If you need to use a bowl or container use the smallest one possible. If you follow all of these points, your precision balance will provide you with years of countless weighing.