Portion Control Scales

Portion control scales are designed to increase efficiency and cleanliness, while minimizing food and labor expense. Perfect for use in food and hospitality settings, yet affordable enough for use in the home. Whether you’re looking to lower your food costs or starting a diet, a good portion control scale is the solution.

If you’re unhappy with your weight and struggling to either loose or gain a few pounds, portion control scales will help you do just that. Most people have a tendency to confuse the terms portion and serving size. A portion is simply the amount of food that you have placed on your plate, where a serving size is the recommended size a portion should be. A good example that is commonly mistaken is a serving of milk. Most often people think that a glass is a serving, where most glasses are 12 ounces or larger and a serving of milk is only 8 ounces. These common mistakes lead to meals that are much larger than they should be. By using a portion control scale, you’re able to ensure that your portions are the correct size, allowing you to more quickly achieve your dieting goals.

If your in the food service industry and cannot figure out why your actual profits are not what they should be, most likely the answer lays within inconsistent portioning. You take the time and spend the money to train your employees to the best of your ability. Lets face it, when the rush hits, time is of the essence. If your employees are measuring ingredients by hand or with measuring cups, errors can and will occur. Some employee’s hands will be heavy and large, where some will be small and a little light. Since your profits are hurting, we’ll go with the first and over portioning. By providing your employees with a high quality portion control scale, your product will become more consistent, production will speed up, and your profits will increase while food waste reduces.

When choosing a portion control scale, you have two major types to choose from, analog or digital. While an analog portion control scale, also referred to as manual scales, spring scales, and top loading scales, are the most economical choice for any kitchen, they do not provide you with the accuracy of a digital portion control scale. A digital portion control scale will provide accurate measurement readouts down to the one-hundredth of a gram on an easy to read display, which increasing the ease of use as well.