Personal Scales

Personal scales, also known as bathroom scales, boast a wide range of features including contemporary designs, large easy to read displays, expansive stable platforms, information memory, body fat measurement, talking, and so many more! At Digital Scales AZ you’re sure to find the personal scale that’s perfect for you.

Although not everyone wants to know just how many pounds they’ve put on over the years, or the holiday, its important to keep track of your body weight in order to stay healthy. The easiest and most affordable way to keep an eye on your personal body weight is by using a personal scale or bathroom scale. These scales are available in countless styles with just as many features, so deciding which scale is right for you can be a challenging and time consuming task. We’ve taken the guesswork out of scale shopping. We only stock the highest quality personal scales, so no matter which scale you select, you’ll get years of reliable weighing.

Analog personal scales are probably the most common bathroom scale found in the home. Also referred to as dial scales or mechanical scales, these scales provide your weight measurement using a large dial face and a pointing needle. Analog personal scales work without any power requirements. Instead, they use a constant spring that is stretched out when a person stands on the scale. This stretching movement is converted into a circular motion that causes the dial to rotate. Once the scale balances out, the pointer will be positioned at the weight of the person or object on the scale.

If your looking for a personal scale that provides additional features and more precise readings, a digital personal scale is right for you. Where most analog personal scales have maximum capacities around 300 pounds with 1 to 5 pound increments, digital personal scales can handle capacities of 500 or more pounds with 0.1 pound increments. Digital personal scales also provide a quick and easier to read numeric digital readout, so there is no way to make a mistake when reading your weight.

Most of these scales also provide convenient features like auto calibration, which means the scale will automatically reset to zero when you step off the scale. Some digital personal scales can even calculate your personal body fat percentage for more accurate diet and training progress. Remember, digital scales do require batteries for operation. Battery life will depend on how often you use your scale. Selecting a personal scale that has an auto off feature can greatly improve your battery life.