Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet truck scales, also known as pallet jack scales, are a great way to improve the efficiency of any weighing operation where moving heavy pallets is required. The pallet truck scales that you’ll find here at Digital Scales AZ are extremely durable to ensure high performance, day after day, year after year.

In manufacturing plants and large warehouses, material handling is an important and time-consuming part of daily operation. Having to keep accurate weight and count of a large inventory within a limited amount of space. In order to keep their entire inventory safe and in order, they use pallets, which are made in a standard shape and size, either out of wood or plastic and are designed for being lifted by pallet trucks and forklifts.

A pallet truck scale can be thought of like a large floor scale on wheels, and is used to determine the weight of items that have been stacked on plastic or wooden pallets. A pallet jack is designed to allow a worker to lift a pallet off of the ground in order to move it from one location to another. With a pallet truck scale, once the pallet is lifted, the display screen will immediately display an accurate weight of the items and pallet. This allows the operator to lift, weigh, and record the weight in one step and quickly make the transition to moving the pallet to its new location, greatly reducing handling time.

The pallet truck scale can be used to weigh any items or materials as long as they can be loaded onto a standard size pallet. Pallets can contain anything from a large number of small boxes that are shrink-wrapped together to one large item that is attached to the pallet using several specialized fasteners. These scales are specially engineered to use weight distribution in order to determine an accurate weight of the complete load on any pallet. In addition to weighing inventory, pallet truck scales allow workers to verify that the amount of weight being loaded onto a shelf, container, equipment, or vehicle does not exceed its maximum safe limit.

Pallet truck scales are most often battery powered allowing them to be moved to any location within the facility without the limits of an extension cord. This is makes them ideal for large facilities when items are being moved from one side of the warehouse to a loading or unloading dock on the opposite side. Since batteries do have limits, many pallet truck scales also offer the option to operate them while they are plugged in to ensure continuous operation.