Medical Scales

The medical scales that you’ll find here at consist of the finest medical grade scales available. These medical scales have been hand picked for their durable construction, easily cleaned materials, and ultra-precise weighing, which make them perfect for the most demanding of medical establishments.

As the name suggests, medical scales are most commonly used in medical establishments such as hospitals and doctors offices to measure various medical statistics about their patients. In every health care field it is important that medical scales provide precise and accurate weighing, which is why we only carry the finest medical scales available. On our site you will find scales for weighing people, tissue, blood, and even medical instruments. With the large selection of medical scales that we carry, you’re sure to find the mechanical or digital scale that you’re looking for.

Our selection of mechanical medical scales includes triple beam balances, hanging scales, and doctor’s scales. These mechanical or analog medical scales are most often found in doctor’s offices, large hospitals, and health care centers. Their simple to use dials and reliable readings combined with unmatched durability makes these medical scales a great choice for the busiest of medical offices.

However, if you’re looking for a medical scale with ultra-high precision, a digital medical scale may better suit your needs. These digital medical scales provide unmistakable readouts in digitized form making them much easier to read when compared to mechanical or analogue scales. Available in a wide range of weighing modes and size options, there is a digital medical scale that’s right for you and your application.

We carry both medical and personal body fat scales that provide ultra-high precision for the weight loss clinic, while maintaining a low price for personal home use. These body fat scales are designed to help people keep track of weight and body fact content when trying to gain or lose weight. Body fat scales provide easy to understand readouts of your total body fat measurement helping you to implement and follow the correct combination of diet and exercise to achieve your weight loss or weight gaining goals. Some of the more advanced body fat scales will also take personal factors such as your height and age into consideration when calculating what your body fat ratio should be.

Whether you’re looking for a medical scale for your hospital, your medical office, or your home, we’re sure you’ll find a scale perfect for your application on our site. By investing in a high quality mechanical or digital scale from, you’re taking the first steps in ensuring the health and well being of yourself and your patients.