High Precision Pocket Scales

High precision digital pocket scales include advanced features like Weighmeter and dual Weighmeter technologies, memory functions, multiple weighing modes, modern award-wining graphics, and of course stylish compact designs. The high precision pocket scales found here are accurate from .05 grams to .01 grams.

High precision pocket scales are perfect for a wide range of uses such as weighing gold, silver, and gemstones while making and selling jewelry, measuring out powders and ingredients for pharmaceutical use, weighing out herbs for that perfect cup of tea, and determining the proper amount of tobacco for your roll-your-owns. These pocket scales also come equipped with features for mixing, batching, counting, and other high accuracy applications. Whether you’re weighing at home, in the lab, or on the go, at Digital Scales AZ you’ll find a high precision pocket scale that will accomplish your specific weighing needs.

In general, pocket scales are designed with a compact case that can easily be slipped into any pocket without worrying about damaging the scale, which makes them great for anyone that requires a reliable portable scale. This durability is achieved by including a protective cover that slides over the weighing pan to minimize the chance of load cell damage.

The protective cover will also double as an expansion of the weighing tray if you need more room to weigh larger items. The portable design of these pocket scales does have its drawbacks. In order to use a digital scale, you need power, and therefore these scales do require batteries for operation. In order to minimize the expense and hassle of constantly changing out batteries, these scales also include an auto off feature that will shut the scale off after one minute of inactivity.

Before purchasing a high precision pocket scale, there are a few things you should know. Although theses scales are designed for durability during storage, transport, and use, there are many things that can damage your new pocket scale. Never drop an item to be weight onto the weighing platform or attempt to weigh and item exceeding the maximum capacity, both of these can permanently damage the inter load cells and sensors. Due to the high sensitivity of these high precision pocket scales, many outside elements can affect your results.

Factors such as dirt, dust, room temperature, humidity, air currents, vibrations, and even nearby electronic devices can have an adverse effect on the accuracy of your scale. Always keep your work area clean and maintain awareness of other the other factors while using your scale. Like other high precision scales, if you handle your high precision pocket scale with care, you will get many years of accurate use.