Hanging Scales

Hanging scales are portable weighing instruments that are most often used in overhead weighing and lifting applications. Their simple design and high precision makes them easy to use in field, laboratory, medical, industrial, and outdoor weighing applications. At DigitalScalesAZ.com you’ll find various hanging scales with durable design and multiple weighing modes.

Digital Hanging Scales

Analog Hanging Scales

Analog and digital hanging scales consist of sever parts including hooks, housing, face, internal workings, and in some cases a pan or scoop. In most cases, a hanging scale have two hooks, loops, or rings. On hook is used to hang the scale from the ceiling, a beam, poll, or to hold with your hand. The other hook is used to attach the pan, scoop, or item that you are weighing. The housing is made of a durable material such as plastic, aluminum, or steel and surrounds the inner workings of the scale, protecting them. The face is where you can read the weighing measurement.

On analog hanging scales, the face will consist of pointer that will indicate how much your item weighs with pre-marked measurements. A digital scale will produce an electronic numeric readout. The internal working of an analog hanging scale consists of a runner and springs that measure weight by how far they stretch. Digital hanging scales use a load cell to measure weight and then transfer the reading to the scales digital readout. A scoop or pan can be attached to the weighing hook, allowing you to weigh items that would otherwise be difficult to attach. Scoops and pans are most often seen in the produce department of a grocery store.

Analog scales provide convenient, portable, and affordable weighing for a wide variety of applications. Ideal for weighing items in retail markets, handheld use for accurate postage, and portability, which allows for uses like taking them to the lake to weight your most recent catch. Some of these analog scales include other beneficial features such as measuring tapes and multiple weighing modes.

Digital hanging scales provide more accurate measurements and can include additional weighing modes like check weighing, parts counting, accumulation, display hold, and many more. Digital hanging scales also may include the ability to weigh in multiple units such as pounds, ounces, kilograms, grams, tons, or a combination there of. More advanced digital hanging scales may also come with a remote and removable display, or even a wireless display for easy portable reading.

With the large selection of digital and analog hanging scales we have available on our site, you’re sure to find one with all of the features and modes your weighing applications require, at a price you can afford.