Hand Scales

Hand scales are perfect for determining the weight of small items, such as letters and gems. At Digital Scales AZ you’ll only find high quality hand held scales that you can depend on. These hand held scales provide the same accurate and reliable readings of larger scales, only in pocket sized versions.

excellent weighing hand scales

Just because a hand scale is notably smaller doesn’t mean that it’s any less accurate. In fact many of the hand held scales that we offer on our site provide measurement results that are more precise than most of the larger scales you’ll find. Since these analog hand held scales are designed specifically for small items they have smaller capacities, which allows for higher precision. Although they are most often used for weighing gems and postage, they are also commonly used in police work, field biology, cooking and home brewing, where precision matters.

Hand held scales that have been made specifically for use in determining postage weights are most often based on simple and reliable design that dates back more than a century. The most common of these designs is the metal postal hand scale, which has a capacity of 100 grams (4 ounces) and will provide accurate readings down to 1 gram. These are the simplest of scales to use. Hold the scale by its hanging ring and use the alligator clip to hang your envelope or item to be weighed from the scale. Gravity will pull down on your small item and in return move the indicator needle so that it points directly at the accurate weight of your object.

Other hand held scales function like a double beam balance. These analog hand scales provide you with a platform or small bowl to place your gems, herbs, spices, or other small objects in or on. Once your objects are in place, you simply adjust the sliding masses away from the platform until the rider bar and you weighing pan become horizontal (parallel to the floor or table). Add all of the numeric values that the sliders point at and you have a very precise weight measurement of your item.

Whether your looking for a hand held scale to weigh your small objects in ounces, grams, or carats, we carry the small hand scale that’s right for you. Don’t let their low prices fool you, in addition to their simple use and extremely reliable accuracy, these analog hand held scales are constructed of high quality materials so they’ll provide you with years of weighing.