Floor Scales

Digital floor scales provide an efficient and safe way to determine the weight of large and heavy items by eliminating the need to pick them up in order to place them on a bench scale. If you’re looking for an affordable top quality digital floor scale, Digital Scales AZ offers the best quality floor scales available on the market.

Floor scales are used in a wide range of applications across countless industries such as shipping, medical, farming, and warehousing. As the name suggests, these scales are placed on the floor, usually in a corner or some place out of the way. Since they are on the ground, you only need to lift heavy objects a few inches in order to place them on the weighing platform. Some floor scales have specially designed ramps that make it possible to slide or roll your heavy objects onto the scale without lifting. These ramps also make it very easy to remove objects from your scale. Because these scales are so easy to load and unload, they limit the chance of injury to workers while weighing heavy or large objects. The added speed of use also provides increased productivity, so a high quality floor scale will pay for itself quickly.

Floor scales have been revolutionized by adding digital features, making them more accurate, dependable, and reliable. Their digital displays have increased the easy of use and accuracy by displaying exact measurement results on a screen that is easy to read and record. Digital displays are available in a wide range of qualities, which are determined by the LCD, backlight style, and size of digits on the display itself. The readouts produced by these screens allow for more accurate weighing since they show readouts in numeric form instead of having to guess where the pointer is pointing on a manual scale. Some floor scale models also include computer connections, which increase the possibilities. Now you can connect these scales to your management systems for measurement storage, printing, and calculations.

Digital floor scales do require some type of power source in order to operate. If the scale you select comes with A/Z power adapter or supply, it will require that an available plug is close by in order to use your scale. If your selected floor scale uses batteries for operation, you’ll have added flexibility for placement of your scale. This flexibility comes with a price, you will have to occasionally check and replace batteries for optimum performance. Note, if you choose a digital floor scale that is battery powered, make sure it includes an automatic shut off feature to minimize energy drain from its batteries and save you money over time.

All of the floor scales that you’ll find here on Digital Scales AZ are of the highest quality and will provide a long life during rugged floor weighing applications.