Digital Indicators

All of the digital indicators that you’ll find here at Digital Scales AZ are NTEP approved legal for trade. With our large selection of high quality digital indicators, you’re sure to find one that will meet all your weighing requirements. Pair an indicator up with a bench scale base to design a scale specific to your application.

When you purchase your digital indicator and digital bench scale base separately, you have the opportunity to build a scale truly unique. Your new scale will include everything your weighing applications require, while eliminating many of the features you’ll never use. This offers you the chance to save some money, since you’re only paying for what you want.

Another benefit of individual digital indicators is the money saved when it comes time to replace your scales base or indicator, either due to damage or old age. Since these are individual units, you can purchase just the broken part, rather than paying full price for an entire scale. At Digital Scales AZ we carry many name brands such as Salter Brecknell, Adam Equipment, and Ohaus to ensure you’ll always get the highest possible quality.