Digital Hanging Scales

digital hanging scale is an electronic version of an analog or manual hanging spring scale, which provides added practicality and precision for commercial and industrial weighing applications. On our site you’ll find a large selection of digital hanging scales with a variety of features designed to fulfill all your weighing needs.

Richard Salter invented the first hanging scale back in 1770, which revolutionized the weighing industry. His simple design incorporated a constant spring that was attached to two hooks on either end. When hanging by one hook and by attaching an object to the other, you could determine the objects weight by how far the spring stretched. This concept is still used today, most commonly seen in grocery store produce departments for accurately weighing fruits, vegetables, and similar items.

With today’s constantly advancing technologies, hanging digital scales have been revolutionized again, by including electronic load cells, digital displays, and digital interfaces that allow them to communicate with a number of electronic devices. These digital hanging scales are found being used in almost every setting including marketplaces, construction sites, medical office, laboratories, farms, and shipyards. These scales take “easy-to-use” to a whole new level, with options like remote control operations, removable displays, and self-calibration. Digital hanging scales are perfect for almost every weighing application.

If your working environment has limited space, hanging scales provide the perfect solutions. Hanging scales weight objects by suspending them in mid-air, removing the need to place them on the counter or ground, eating up limited and valuable space. An additional benefit to weighing your items in the air is that you take advantage of gravity when measuring the weight of an object. So there’s no need for comparison weights, platforms, or scoops, creating the ability to make hanging scales very compact in size.

Due to the wide range of industries and applications that hanging scales are used in, there is a large number of digital hanging scales with different functions and features available. Before purchasing a digital hanging scale, we recommend that you determine exactly what is require for your weighing applications. For example, if your scale is going to be used in a grocery store or elementary school, odds are that a scale that provides precision to the tenth of a unit is often suitable. On the hand, if the scale is for use in the laboratory or factory, you’ll require precision down to the hundredth or possibly even thousandth of a unit. Whatever your applications require, at Digital Scales AZ you’re sure to find the perfect digital hanging scales for your weighing applications.