Covers and Cases

Purchasing a case or cover for your scale is small investments, which will pay for itself by increasing your scale’ life. These items offer your scale protection during transport, while in storage, and from messy work areas. At Digital Scales AZ our cases and covers offer optimal protection from damaging elements.

We offer several different covers for your digital scales. If you’re looking to keep your scale clean while it’s being used in a messy work area, we carry plastic covers that will fit snugly over your scale. Let these plastic covers become tarnished and damaged, while your expensive scale stays clean and operational. We also offer several dust covers designed to keep dust off of your scales while they’re in storage. Dust covers do more than protect your scale from the damages caused by dust. They keep your scale clean and ready for their next use.

If your scale is portable, we recommend purchasing a high quality carrying case. Our cases include soft foam cushioned insides and durable outer construction to keep your scale safe from any hazards it may encounter while traveling. Other common features that come with many of our carrying cases are shoulder straps, reinforced corners, and locks for security.