Counting Scales

A counting scale is a digital scale that’s ideal for use during inventory and packaging where a large number of small parts are involved. These digital counting scales are also used in manufacturing, shipping, food preparation, and countless other industries where it’s required to quickly and accurately count parts.

Digital counting scales can be used for measuring the quantity of items large and small such as nuts, bolts, and washers. Many digital counting scales will even keep track of how many units it’s weigh and counted over a chosen period of time. In addition to counting, digital counting scales allow you to determine the weight or unit weight of any item or items that you place on the platform, providing additional flexibility. Counting scales are available with a wide range of features and utilize many technologies, which range from simple to extremely advanced and complex. Your parts counting needs will be the number one factor in determining which digital counting scale is right for you.

Digital counting scales are designed with large weighing pans for easy placement of the items you want to count. Most often the front of the scale contains the display screen and keypad where you can program sample weights into the scale, calibrate, read the calculation, part counts, and total weights. Depending on the scale in question it may include an A/C adapter or battery pack, and in some cases both. More advanced digital counting scales are built with computer ports so that you can transfer data to your printer or computer for future reference and use.

To properly use a counting scale you must first calculate the weight of an individual unit. To achieve this, place an empty container in the center of the weighing platform and zero out the scale by pressing the tare key. Now you will place a small number of units on the scale, usually 5, 10, 15, or 20 and enter the number into the front panel. Now the scale will take the total weight of your items and divide it by the total number of items to accurately determine the average weight of each unit. Once the average unit weight is determined, you can start placing items in large quantities on the scale and it will divide the total weight, by the unit weight, to effectively count the total number of units on the scale.

By including a digital counting scale in your daily operations you will save time and money. Anytime you have a human counting a large number of items, mistakes are going to happen, and you have to pay them for their time. Digital counting scales minimize the chance of error while counting and can count a large number of items in a fraction of the time it would take a person to. At Digital Scales AZ we have a large selection of digital counting scales to offer, so there’s sure to be one that fits your requirements and budget.