Checkweigher Scales

Checkweigher scales are most commonly used at the end of a production line to ensure that each package falls within a pre-determined, acceptable weight. The digital checkweigher scales that you’ll find at Digital Scales AZ are designed to maximize production efficiency and ideal for shipping and production applications.

High quality checkweigher scales provide you with many advantages over standard sampling scales. In most cases by implementing a standard sampling practice, a very small portion (around 1%) of packages is weighed for quality control. Using one of these extremely fast checkweigher scales, you can easily sample every package before it leaves your production line, ensuring the highest consistency and quality of your products.

Since checkweigher scales allow you to set acceptable overweight limits and underweight limits, they are perfect for many different applications. First, and probably most important, they enable you to keep the weight of your packaged goods within compliance of net contents laws regulated and enforced by State Weights and Measures offices. They make it possible to quickly check whether or not a packed item is missing any pieces, minimizing returns or having to mail out missing parts. Checkweigher scales will also save you money by reducing product giveaway, you will no longer need to over-fill packages to ensure your customers get what they paid for. Over all, checkweigher scales are an efficient and affordable way to measure and maintain your production line performance.

To make sure you get the right digital scale for your checkweighing applications, there are many factors that you need to review. You must take into considerations the environment you’re going to be weighing in. The most important environmental factors include temperature, humidity, and wash ability. Your production lines rate of processing is another environmental factor to take into consideration. Production lines that process at faster speeds will require a faster checkweigher scale with higher accuracy.

Examine your packages. Taking the size, shape, and weight of your packages into consideration will make selecting the right checkweighing scale an easier process. Larger packages will require a checkweigher scale that produces results faster in order to keep your production line moving at a high rate. Smaller packages may require a more accurate scale to keep an accurate count of small items. Unstable items, which are large and have a small base or footprint, will require fast weighing results and high stability from the checkweighing scale.

Including a high quality digital checkweigher scale that is designed for your products to your production line is the best way to ensure product quality and minimize costs. Choosing the right scale and properly maintaining it will ensure that your customers always receive complete and consistent products. Whatever your checkweighing applications require, we’re sure to have a checkweigher scale that will fulfill your needs.