Calibration Weights

Digital scale calibration weights are an essential and easy way to ensure that your digital scale is providing you with precise weight measurements. If your calibration applications don’t require an entire calibration kit, at Digital Scales AZ you’ll also find precise calibration weights individually, ranging from 1g to 10,000g.

Calibration weights for digital scales the only way to ensure that your items actually weigh what your scales tells you. If your digital scale has never been calibrated, chances are that it’s not providing you with accurate weight measurement. So if you’re using your scale in the lab, for shipping, or in other applications where accuracy is required, calibrate your scale. With one or more of these calibration weights and the push of a few buttons, your scale will adjust itself and begin offering accurate weight measurements.

Before calibrating your scale, make sure the environmental conditions are correct. Find a level flat surface away from outside noises, vibrations, and other electronics. If possible, it’s best to recalibrate a digital scale in the room where it is most often use. If you have to take it to another room for calibration, make sure that the temperature and humidity levels are the same as the room where your scale is used.

When performing a recalibration of your scale, only use the size of weight recommended by your scales manufacturer. Place the weight on the scale and check your scales readout. Since the weight of these standard calibration weights is known, if your scale reads correctly, your scale is calibrated. If your scales readout is incorrect follow the recommended calibration instructions that came with your digital scale.

Many customers ask, “How often should I calibrate my digital scale”? The answer is simple, as often as you can. Environmental factors, which change constantly, and scale wear, affect the accuracy of your scale. In the lab it’s not uncommon to recalibrate daily. With commercial use, every couple of weeks may be acceptable. For in home use, many scale owners only calibrate once or twice a year. You need to ask yourself, how often is your scale used and how precise do your weight measurements need to be?