Cables and Adapters

Scale cables come in two beneficial styles. The first and most common style of cable for your digital scales is the interface cable. The second style is the security cable. At Digital Scales AZ we offer both interface and security cables in many styles with different connection types, so you can get the most from your scale.

Our selection of interface cables range from USB to RS-232, where some cables will adapt one connection type to another. Interface cables will allow your digital scale to send and sometimes receive valuable data for use in many applications such as spreadsheets for analysis and possibly offer you a chance to increase your productivity. Use your digital scale to its fullest potential by connecting it to UPS, USPS, FedEx, POS, and other software and systems.

When you order an interface cable please understand that these cables are available in countless colors and not all will match your scale. If you’re ordering your cable with a scale, we will make sure that it’s connection types are correct. If you’re ordering the cable only, please make sure to let us know what connection types you require, so we can get you the correct cable for your scale and other devices.

Stop worrying about your high-performance and expensive digital scales disappearing. For less than thirty dollars you can pick up a security cable and lock, which will allow you to attach your scale to a stationary object. Make sure your scale’s there the next time you go to weigh something, get a security cable today.