Bowls and Scoops

Adding a bowl to your digital scale is the easiest way to keep the items you’re weighing contained. Using a transparent bowl will offer you quick reference and easy viewing of your items. At Digital Scales AZ we will do our best to find the right bowl for your digital scale and your specific weighing applications.

If you’re looking to weigh items in the kitchen on in the lab, but you don’t have a bowl to hold them together, don’t buy a new scale. We can find the perfect bowl for your current scale. Let us know about your scale, its capacity and size, and then tell us what you want to weigh. With this information we’ll be able to find you the perfect weighing bowl, at a price so low you’ll be able to keep a couple for backup.

Weighing bowls are great in the kitchen. You can now weigh and mix in one bowl at the same time. Using your digital scale’s tare function allows you to add an ingredient, weigh it, tare it, and add another. Once all your ingredients are in the bowl, you can mix and pour. You now only have one dish to clean. Keep cooking simple. Add a transparent bowl to your kitchen scale.