Bird Stands

The bird stand scales are designed for and required by breeders, aviaries, veterinary clinics and zoos. However, bird owners often either overlook this valuable tool or don’t think they need one. A bird stand scale is the most important item any bird owner can purchase to keep track of their plumed pets health.

It’s important to remember that you cannot look at a bird and determine if it is loosing or gaining weight. When raising a bird from a baby, a bird stand scale is required to measure formula and take daily weights to ensure proper and healthy development. As your pet bird ages, it’s recommended that you continue to weigh them twice a month in order to catch early stages of sickness, which include loosing small amounts of weight over a long period of time.

Unfortunately, detecting the weight loss of your bird is not possible without a scale. This is mainly because a bird’s natural survival instincts tell it that if it is getting sick, it will be tossed out of the flock. So your pet bird will hide its weight loss and other symptoms until they simply no longer have the strength to do so. By the time you can actually see, with your eyes, that your feathered friend is falling ill, it may be too late. Including a bird stand scale with your other health care and maintenance equipment, you will easily be able to catch the changes in your pets weight early and get them the medical care that they require.