Bench Scales

Bench scales are undoubtedly the most popular and frequently use scale available on the market today. Their durable design allows them to resist overloading while providing consistently accurate weight measurements. Digital bench scales are perfect for postage, retail, medical, and most other weighing applications.

Bench scales, sometimes called platform scales, are designed to be durable, stable, and precise, while providing fast and accurate weight measurements. These scales usually provide a large, flat, stainless steal weighing pan or platform for easy placement of your items to be weighed. Working with the platform are multiple springs that absorb shock to protect the bench scales load cells from the impact created when objects are accidentally dropped on the platform. These springs will also help prevent static overload when an object’s weight exceeds the maximum capacity of the bench scale. Digital bench scales are some of the most durable scales available and are great in warehousing and inventory environments where ruggedness is required.

From parcel weighing to parts counting, digital bench scales do it all. With all the different models, which include a wide range of different capacities, modes, and features, there’s a bench scale that’s right for every application. Often you’ll find that manufactures of bench scales will even create several different models of the same scale, all having a different capacity range. This is to allow you to chose the scale that is right for you, without having to pay extra for a capacity range that you don’t require.

So if you’re looking for a bench scale to weigh your small 20-pound packages for shipping and find a scale, which fits all your requirements, although it has a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds. There is probably a similar model bench scale with all the same features, with a 25 or 50-pound maximum capacity that may save you money. With a little research, planning, and consideration, you can find the digital bench scale that’s right for you and your requirements, at the best price.

At Digital Scales AZ we only offer the most durable, long lasting, and highest quality digital bench scales and with our large selection you’re sure to find one that is exactly what you need. You’ll find scales with features such as A/C adapters, auto shutoff, user-friendly interfaces, large LCD displays, flexible print formats, and so much more. Our digital bench scales combine durability, reliability, and functionality into one affordable user-friendly scale, making them ideal for countless weighing applications.