Baby Scales

Baby Scales_2-80x80Baby scales offer large stable platforms, easy-to-read displays, washability, and several other features. The baby scales that we carry aren’t just for babies. When your newborn outgrows one of these scales, they can be used for a wide range of weighing applications such as shipping, check weighing, and food preparations.

A baby scale is amongst the most important pieces of medical equipment used after the birth of a child. For this reason, it’s extremely important that the baby scale selected provides accurate and precise measurements of the baby’s weight. In the event of pre-mature birth or if a birth defect is present, the importance of having a high quality baby scale increases greatly. Owning a baby scale allows the parents to weigh their baby before and after feedings to ensure that the baby is consuming enough breast milk or formula for proper development. 

It’s always recommended, due to slight differences in scales, to use the same scale every time the baby is weighed. Healthy babies should be weighed every week since results will vary depending on the baby’s last feeding, urination, or bowl movement. If the baby has lost weigh or has not gained any weight, it can be a very serious situation and a doctor should see the baby. 

If the baby’s weight gain is not at the recommended rate, it’s possible that a dietary change may need to be made. These changes could be anything from the amount of food per feeding, the frequency of feedings, or the type of formula the baby’s being fed. Most often a healthy baby will double their weight within the first four to five months of life and shortly after, around six months, will begin to eat solid foods. At this stage of development, weighing the child will not have to occur as frequently, although the child should continue to be weighed on a high quality scale to ensure proper development. 

While a baby scale may appear to be a small piece of medical equipment, it’s required to determine the rate at which a baby is growing. Weighing a baby is the only way to ensure the correct feeding is achieved, popper development is occurring, and to keep the baby at a healthy weight. At Digital Scales AZ we believe that a baby’s health is extremely important. That’s why every baby scale that we carry is constructed of the highest quality components and will provide accurate, precise, and reliable readings for thousands of weighs.

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