Anti Vibration

Anti-vibration tables and pads are an ideal way to minimize the vibrations caused by electricity, communication waves, machines, and heating and cooling devices. Even though you may not be able to feel all the vibrations caused by all of these devices, these vibrations can greatly affect the accuracy of your digital scale.

If you’ve ever placed an item to be weighed on your digital scale only to see the scales readout constantly changing, chances are, you have a vibration issue. At Digital Scales AZ we carry a wide variety of anti-vibration equipment that will help you get the best possible readings from your digital scales. You’ll find a selection of anti-vibration tables designed for fixed placement of your scales in a laboratory environment and anti-vibration pads, which are perfect for portable use. Simply place your digital scale on one of the anti-vibration tables or pads that we have to offer and watch your digital scale’ readout stabilize.