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Analog scales -80x80Analog scales are the perfect solution for a wide range of manual weighing applications. However, with today’s continually advancing technologies, these older analog scales are often replaced with newer digital models. Although in many cases, the high accuracy and lower price of analog scales makes them must-have tools that ensure exact measurements.

The oldest analog scales, known as balances, where used back in ancient times for all weighing applications. Theses analog scales were made up of four parts including the fulcrum, a lever, and two pans. The fulcrum is a center beam, which the middle of the lever is attached, allowing it to pivot. The two pans are then attached, one on each end of the lever, each one the same distance from the fulcrum. When you wanted to know the weight of an object, it was placed in one pan of the balance, and then known weights where placed in the other pan. When the lever was in the horizontal position, it indicated that the items in the pans where of identical weight.

More recent advancements on the same concept brought along hand scales, double beam balances, and triple beam balances. These analog scales work in the same way a simple balance does, however, these scales use a newer concept. When a weight is placed on the lever further away from the fulcrum, it creates more downward force on the lever than an equal weight placed on the lever closer to the fulcrum. Therefore, we can use smaller weights to measure heavier objects by moving them closer and further away from the fulcrum.

Another advancement in analog scales is the development of the analog spring scale. Common types of spring scales include top loaders, hanging scales, and bathroom floor scales. These scales work on the principle that when you place force on a known constant spring, it will stretch a known distance. Using this concept in an analog hanging scale we can attach an indicator to the spring, which when weight is applied, the indicator will move up and down and align with various pre-marked weight measurements. When the spring concept is used in an analog scale, like the top loader or bathroom floor scale, they can use anywhere from one to four springs. Springs are usually placed in the corners and when force is applied, it stretches the springs and they spin a pre-marked measurement wheel.

Whether you’re looking for a bathroom scale, trying to weigh your precious gems, wondering the weight of you latest catch, or just wanting to get your postage right, there is an analog scale designed for your purpose. At you’ll find a wide selection of analog scales for all manual-weighing applications

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