Analog Hanging Scales

Analog-Scales-Hanging-Scales-80x80Analog hanging scales are an inexpensive, convenient, and reliable solution for countless weighing applications. The simple design of these portable scales makes them easy-to-use by anyone looking for a quick and accurate weight of almost any object. Here at Digital Scales AZ, you’ll find a large selection to choose from.

Sine analog hanging scales use the force provided by gravity to measure the weight of an object, they don’t require batteries, comparison weights, riding beams, or weighing pans. By eliminating all of these non-essential items, we are able to build a scale that is lightweight, compact in size, and simple-to-use. Analog hanging scales only require four major parts, a durable housing, hooks or rings to hang them and the item you are weighing, an internal weighing mechanism, and a face to display the weight of the object being weighed.

In order to properly use an analog hanging scale, you must first find a good place to hang it. Depending on the size of your scale and the objects you are trying to weigh, this could be anything from your finger to a large industrial crane. Remember, what you choose to hang you scale from must be able to support the weight of your hanging scale and the objects you are going to weigh.

Once you have your scale hung securely, make sure that it is properly calibrated by checking to see if the pointer is pointing to zero. If your scale is off, use the zero adjustment screw to calibrate the scale back to zero. When determining the weight of some items such as liquids and powders your scale may require that you add a weighing pan or scoop. Make sure you attached these items before calibrating your analog hanging scale.

Now that your scale is hung and calibrated correctly, its time to attach your items or place them in the weighing pan and let gravity go to work. Gravity will pull down on your object and stretching the internal workings of the scale. This will result in the pointer turning so that it points at the precise weight of your object.

Analog hanging scales are ideal for determine the weight of awkwardly shaped and large objects that you simply can’t weigh with a top loading or platform style scale. Whether you’re looking for the perfect scale to weigh your luggage before trip and avoid additional airline fees, or to get the accurate weight of your cattle and other hard to weigh products to correctly price them for market, at Digital Scales AZ your sure to find an analog hanging scale that’s perfect for your application.