Analog Hanging Scales

Analog hanging scales are simple to use and provide accurate weighing results. Some of these multi-purpose hanging scales come equipped with built in tape measures and multiple weighing modes, making them some of the most useful scales around. Perfect for home, store, factory, farm, or outdoor weighing applications.

Hanging scales provide you with a portable solution to all of your weighing needs. Their compact and durable design allows you to use them anywhere as long as you have a way to hang them, which can support the weight of both the hanging scale and the object being weighed. These analog hanging scales are ideal for determining the weight of large and awkwardly shaped items, which you can’t easily place on a top loading or platform scale.

Analog hanging scales are made up of four major parts including hooks or rings, housing, weighing mechanism, and a face. A hanging scale will come with two hooks or rings, one used to hang the scale from a beam, chain, ceiling, or other fixture. The other hook or ring is what you will use to hang the item you wish to determine the weight of. The hanging scales housing will consist of a durable material to keep the inner workings of the scale safe such as plastic, aluminum, or steel.

The internal workings or weighing mechanism of an analog hanging scale consist of springs and a runner that are stretched out when weight is applied. The weight of your item is determined by how far these items stretch. The face of a hanging scale comes pre-marked with weight increments and a pointer that will point at the weight of the object that you are weighing. In some cases a handing scale will also come with a weighing pan or scoop that attaches to the lower ring or hook in order to help hold the objects you are weighing in place.

Since hanging scales do not require weights, riding bars, or platforms to obtain the weight of an item, they are usually very small in size. An additional benefit provided by their design is that by removing the scale from the ground, you also remove any chance of unwanted pressure disrupting its readings. These benefits make hanging scales a perfect solution when space is limited and accurate measurements are required.

Whether you need a scale to check the weight of your luggage before a trip, wanting proof that your recent catch was really “This Big”, or looking for an accurate scale to increase your profits, at Digital Scales AZ we have an analog hanging scale that’s right for you.