Ammunition Scales

Using an accurate ammunition scale is the only way to consistently hand-load your ammunition with the same amount of propellant in every round. At Digital Scales AZ we offer a wide selection of high precision digital ammunition scales, which provide easy to read weight measurements of your powder down to the grain.

Hand-loading ammunition is a time consuming, tricky, and repetitive task. However, loading ammunition by hand definitely has its advantages, when done correctly. Factory loaded ammunition is only available with standard powder weights, is not always available, and is expensive. When loading your own ammunition you chose the amount of powder, build your own surplus, and you save money with ever round.

Hand- loading ammunition is very safe when done properly. Using the correct type and proper amount of powder is the most crucial step for safe ammunition reloading. Overcharging, adding the wrong type or too much powder, as well as undercharging, too little powder, can have disastrous results. Weighing your powder with a high quality and reliable digital ammunition scale will help ensure safe and enjoyable reloading and shooting experiences.

The ammunition scales that you’ll find on our site are full of features designed to make your ammunition reloading more precise and easier to accomplish. One features for example is the tare or zero feature, which allows you to place an empty cartridge on the scales weighing pan and then zero it out, effectively subtracting the weight of the cartridge so you don’t have to. By doing this, you can now add powder to your empty cartridge and the scale will only weigh the powder that you are adding. For additional ease of use, some of these scales even include a specialized tool for adding small increments of powder to you cartridge.

When choosing your new ammunition scale, there are a lot of styles to choose from. Make sure the ammunition scale that you select provides you with an accuracy of plus or minus one tenth of a grain. Although this accuracy can be achieved with most triple-beam balances, they tend to be harder to use and take longer to stabilize than their digital counterparts. If you’re planning on hand-loading a large number of rounds or like to work with several different calibers with varying charges, digital ammunition scales will provide you with the speed and accuracy you require.

Digital ammunition scales also allow you to further increase your consistency by weighing out and separating cases and completed rounds by weight. Separating cases by weight is important, since every time a round is fired, the brass cartridge walls become thinner due to brass flowing forward. The brass flowing effect creates a longer round, which will need to be trimmed before reloading, making the cartridge lighter. Keeping these lighter cartridges together will allow you to create matched sets of rounds that will perform with much more consistency.