Pocket Scales

Although pocket scales aren’t new to the world of weighing, they have definitely improved over the centuries. The pocket scales used in the 1600’s and during the gold rush of the mid 1800’s don’t come close to comparing to the sleek and durable design, highly accurate precision, and the vast functionality of today’s digital and analog pocket scales.

There’s no denying that digital pocket scales are available with the widest selection of features, modes, colors, and styles. On DigitalScalesAZ.com you’ll find a wide selection of small digital pocket scales, some designed to resemble CD’s, credit cards, matchboxes, digital watches, cigarette boxes, lighters, PDA’s, ashtrays, cassettes, mp3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, calculators, and many other small items.

Pocket scales get their name from their compact size, which provides you with a handheld weighing instrument that can easily be stored in your pocket. Due to their small size, pocket scales are most often used for precise weighing of small items, which weigh less than 500 grams. Commonly used by jewelers because of their wide selection of weighing modes such as grams, ounces, carats, grains, troy ounces, and pennyweight, for daily weighing of diamonds, pearls, silver, and gold. Many pocket scales offer additional features like large expansion trays and bowls, easy-to-read backlit LCD displays, and stainless steel weighing platforms.

Pocket scales aren’t just used by jewelers, the wide range of uses make them perfect for by hunters, investigators, law enforcement, chemists, chefs, and many others. The lightweight and small size of pocket scales make them ideal for use by hunters, since they are easy to carry out in the field. It’s not uncommon to see investigators, police, and other law enforcement carrying pocket scales for quick and accurate preliminary measurement of illegal substances if they come across them during a routine stop. While chefs and chemists find pocket scales provide a practical and precise solution for measuring ingredients, chemicals, and other substances.

To help you find the pocket scale you’re looking for, we’ve divided them up into several categories based on how precise you need your pocket scale to be. Our precision digital pocket scales have accuracy all the way to the tenth of a gram making them perfect for everyday household and hobby measurement and weighing applications. Where the pocket scales found in our high precision category provide measurements down to the hundredth of a gram for ultra precise applications. The high accuracy and precision of these scales make them great for parts counting, mixing, batching, and other applications where high accuracy is required.