Fishing Scales

Fishing scales are made using simple and durable designs, which provide reliability during rugged outdoor use. These scales are resistant to shocks, interference, and splashes, so you can determine just how big your next catch really is. Fishing scales are also perfect for weighing most other items such as food or luggage.

Ever since the first angler caught the very first fish, one question has been asked my friends, siblings, wives, and husbands. How big was that fish? This question is most often answered with a guess or an irrational exaggeration, which has come to be known as a “fish story”. With the advancements in scale technology, fishing scales now give anglers a fast, simple, and accurate way to put some truth into their stories.

When it comes to selecting your fishing scale, you have two major types to choose from; analog fishing scales, which are also known as manual or spring scales, and digital fishing scales. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so deciding which type is right for you will depend on the species you fish for, your fishing style, and how accurate you need it to be. Whatever you require from your fishing scale, at Digital Scales AZ you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

All the analog fishing scales that you’ll find on our site are made to be water, rust, and shock resistant. Analog fishing scales are inexpensive and simple to use when all you require is a quick and close weight of you catch. Just hold the scale in one hand by the handle, hang your fish from the hook, and the pointer will stop at the weight of your fish. Since analog scales work by gravity, there is no need for batteries and they can be used to weigh your fish anytime, anywhere.

The digital fishing scales that you’ll find on our site provide you with quick and accurate results with almost no effort on your part. Used exactly the same as an analog fishing scale, digital fishing scales produce a numeric weight readout that is easy to read and record. Digital fishing scales do require batteries in order to power their large LCD displays. However, most of these scales include an auto shutoff feature, which shuts the scale off after one minute of inactivity, increasing the batteries life and saving you money.

The fishing scales that we have to offer are the highest quality scales available on the market and adding one to your tackle box will remove the guesswork when determining the weight of your next catch.