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Zoo scales are as diverse as the animals they weigh. Zoos and veterinarians around the world require various types of scales to weigh different species. At Digital Scales AZ, we have years of experience with animal scales. Below is a survey of these scales for a broad range of animal groups.

Reptiles, Critters & Cubs

Smaller scales are fit for small animals like reptiles and baby animals and other critters. Small mammals (including humans, incidentally) weigh best on baby scales.

Depending on the size of your reptile or other critter, a basic, small precision pocket scale are perfect for the smallest among them. Tabletop scales are perfect for larger creatures. Many units in this scale family come equipped with bowls that are able to contain your pet or specimen. Our customers suggest the MyWeigh 3001 for reptiles and amphibians, specifically.


Primates are so much like us in build that traditional "human" scales work quite well. For newborn primates, use baby scales. And for adults, regular medical scales should do the trick. Of course, if the subject primate is much larger large shipping scales (like those suggested for ratites) provide a larger weighing platform.

Veterinarian & Hoofstock

The largest scales in your wildlife park will naturally be reserved for the largest animals. Truck scales are ideal for animals like elephants that weigh a ton or more. Veterinarian scales are sometimes also called livestock scales.

Hoofstock require a low profile step. Salter Brecknell has a couple of options. A large weighing capacity and expansive platform are paramount.



Avian & Falconry

Winged animals require special weighing equipment. Specially designed bird stands are a perfect perch that attach to medium-sized tabletop scales. Often, bird stands are the only way for our feathered friends to stay still long enough to record their weight.




Larger birds require larger scales. Shipping scales often do the trick. Large digital shipping scales have the platform size and weighing capacity to handle big birds like emus and ostriches.



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