Using Scales for Home Brewing

Home Brewing

According to, there are over three quarters of a million homebrewers in the United States alone, and growing every year. America has a long and colorful history surrounding the homebrewing hobby, from the colonists through Prohibition, and finally until its legalization in 1979. (Alcohol created in your home is still not permitted for sale, unfortunately.)

Top loaders are perfect scales for weighing hops and barley, two major players in beer making. They require no power as they are analog operated, making portability and clean up a snap. Many models come with a built in container so brewers don't have to worry about taring (zeroing) the container's weight. Other tabletop scales will certainly work, as well, however. You will need any scale with a flat and spacious surface that can stand up to a mild beating (moisture, dust, etc), which kitchen scales offer. Almost all digital scales these days offer a tare (zero) button, but be sure to check before you order.

Apportioning your components by weight is recommended by experienced brewers over volume measurements because of accuracy concerns. The amount of ingredients for home brewing is more than is traditionally measured with measuring cups, so using a scale is also more efficient.

Your home-brewing scale will be worth its weight in gold especially when you start brewing multiple batches. You'll begin to want to play with ingredients and flavors, and a scale will help control each lot's consistency. If you're experimenting, precise weight measurements will help you track each trial batch.

As always, the scale experts at Digital Scales AZ are in! If you ever have a question or concern, we can certainly address it. (We do require a taste of your concoction, first!)

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