TAYLOR 7081 Projector Scale

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TAYLOR 7081 Projector Scale

TAYLOR 7081 Projector Scale is the perfect bathroom scale for those who have a large frame, poor eyesight, or other physical ailments that make reading a conventional scale difficult.  An adjustable front end projector allows each user to adjust the red LED display on the wall at a height that is comfortable and easy to read. The projector even has an easy to use manual focus ring to allow the user to clearly display the reading from different distances and angles. A standard digital readout on the scale displays weight in 1.8" numerals to provide users with different options for viewing. With a maximum capacity of 550 lbs this scale features a large 13" x 12.5" standing surface that is covered in non-slip treading to help provide a steady grip on the feet. The Taylor 7081 is easy, convenient, and stylish and comes with a 5 Year manufacturers warranty. Get yours today!

Product Specs
Precision/Readability .2LB
Capacity 550 LBS
Weighing Units lb, kg
Power Options 3 AAA Batteries
Colors Available Grey
Weighing Platform Size 13" x 12.5"
Included Accessories Batteries
Warranty 5 Year

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