Scales for Gold, Beads, Gems, and Jewelers

Every jeweler needs an accurate scale, so buy yours from Digital Scales AZ!

Whether you make jewelry or just buy it, scales for gold, beads, gems, and jewelry have never been easier to find or use. The market is wide and prices are low, making it easy to get the scale to fit your needs. Jewelry makers use different techniques to make their products, but it is important for both the maker and seller to have an exact weight to determine the cost. Digital scales are used for jewelry making because of their accuracy and easy transportation. Gems, gold and beads can all be weighed easily on a pocket scale for convenience! Many jewelry scales have bead trays and counters which are essential when creating beaded jewelry.

Scales for Gold Weighing

The price of gold has fluctuated recently, but people are always looking to sell old jewelry. When trading in gold, it is necessary to have an accurate weight of the amount of gold at hand. Cash for gold is trending hot right now, and the only way to know if the deal is fair is with an accurate digital scale! Another hot trend is cash for gold parties, where people get together in their homes and bring old or damaged gold jewelry. A company representative weighs the gold and pays cash on the spot for the gold. With any type of gold trade-in, accuracy is required. Don't get short changed or over pay!

Digital Jewelry Scale

Beads are small and often hard to see, so digital jewelry scales can take some of the pressure off of sore eyes. Our scales make it easy to weigh and sort beads and gems for custom jewelry. High precision jewelry scales have memory functions, modern graphics, and multiple weighing modes. They are perfect to present to any buyer and come in stylish designs.

DigitalScalesAZ for Gold, Beads, Gems, and Jewelers

Digital ScalesAZ has the selection you need at the prices you want for digital jewelry scales. For buyers and sellers alike, scales are as essential as the beads or gems they use. Our pocket scales are high precision, guaranteeing accuracy. We have a plethora of scales helpful for those in the jewelry business. Don't get caught without one because it's bad for business. We also provide the best counting scales if that is helpful for your business. Check out our extensive line of jewelry scales today!

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