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DigitalScalesAZ is the top provider for scales for fishing in the United States. Ever make an amazing catch but find yourself without a digital hanging scale? Don't let it happen again! We carry a huge variety of fishing scales for all different types of fishing activities. A scale for fishing is a very important tool to keep on the boat. Most fisherman use scales to ensure their catches are legal and don't need to be released, but many use them in tournaments. Regulations must be followed to ensure accuracy, and our scales meet all requirements. Both weekend fishermen and professional anglers need scales to weigh the trophy catch! Accuracy is essential for fishing scales, so it isn't a place to skimp. Digital Scales AZ makes it easy to find the perfect fish scale for tournaments or friendly competitions.

How to Read a Spring Scale

A spring scale is a device that is used for weighing that has a spring fixed at one end and a hook at the bottom to hang an object. When weight is applied to the hook, the spring pulls down and markings on the side of the scale reveal the weight of the object. Spring scales for fishing are great for portability and function alike. They are easy to store and transport and fit nicely in a tackle box. Although digital scales are the first choice for accuracy, the convenience and simplicity of a spring scale works well for most fishermen. For a scale with less room for error, a digital display is very helpful.

Varieties of Fishing Scales

Fishing scales can have different options attached for convenience. Electronic fishing scales give a digital reading that ensures accuracy, but some scales also include other measuring apparatuses. While scales convey the weight of the fish, anglers also must measure the length of the fish. To do this, a fishing scale with tape measure can be used. This provides a 2 in 1 necessary tool that can be kept in the boat for easy access. In our experience, multi-tools can save precious space on a boat and make room for more important items.

Whether it's digital fishing tournament scales or more basic spring scales, DigitalScalesAZ is the premier retailer for fishing scales. We have what you need at the lowest prices on the web! With exquisite customer service and a helpful team, we can get you set up with the scale you need. Check out our awesome selection of fishing scales today!



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