Scale Information

Scales for Geologists

Geology scales need to be accurate and dependable. Digital Scales AZ offers a wide range of scales that are perfect for geologists. Find out more in this article.

Buy a Body Weight Scale

Buy a Body Weight Scale and keep yourself on track for fitness goals. We have talking scales that talk out your body weight and even scales that measure body fat as well as body weight. More information on buying a body weight scale is in this article.

Tips for Buying a Laboratory Scale

Buying a laboratory scale can be confusing. Here are some basic Tips for Buying a Laboratory Scale that can help you decide what you need and where to find it!

Pocket Scale Information

Get all the information on pocket scales and what to look for when you're buying a scale. Pocket scales are some of our most popular scales because they're easy to carry and accurate.

Tips for Buying a Postage Scale

Many online businesses use scales to weigh packages before they're shipped. Here are some important Tips for Buying a Postage or Shipping Scale that might help you decide what's best for you!

School & College Laboratory Scales

Colleges require high precision scales in laboratories for students and high schools also use these lab scales for chemistry classes. Here are some tips on finding the best lab scales for your educational needs.

Buy a Shipping Scale

A postage scale is perfect for any business that ships packages often. Here are a few tips on buying a postage scale so that you can find the perfect scale for your shipping needs.

How Digital Scales Work

Do you wonder how a digital scale works? Scales have been around for centuries, but digital scales operate slightly different than analog scales.

How to Use a Triple Beam Balance

How to Use a Triple Beam Balance - This is a common question we get and we decided to write an article helping you learn how to use a triple beam balance.

Kinds of Digital Scales

There are all Kinds of Digital Scales and some of the most useful digital scales are made for postage, cooking (kitchen scales), and body weight.

Custom Vibration Pads

Do you have a large scale or unique scale that needs a custom vibration pad? We can make a vibration pad of nearly any size specific to your scale!

Ammunition Scale Recommendations

Are you a reloader and avid ammunition fan? If you're looking for information about reloading scales you've come to the right place. Get tips and Ammunition Scale Recommendations here.

Scale Precision and the Perfect Scale

Choosing the perfect scale means you need to establish what kind of precision you will need for the job. Here are some tips!

An Introduction to NIST Certification

What exactly is the NIST and what does an NIST Certification mean for my digital scale?

WeightWatchers Scales

Lose some pounds or just keep yourself putting on some more by measuring out how much food you eat and keeping track of your own body weight.

Zoo Scales

Depending on the animal you're weighing, you may need a specific scale. Check out our recommended scales for zoos.

Digital Scales AZ Donates to The Luces Study at San Diego State University

To assist research and the sciences, Digital Scales AZ has donated weighing equipment to The Luces Study. Read about it here!

Using Scales for Home Brewing

Create the perfect homebrew by measuring your ingredients perfectly every time with one of our great scales!

Scales for Gold, Beads, Gems, and Jewelers

When dealing with precious metals and stones, accuracy is everything. DigitalScalesAZ offers some of the most precise scales on the market, so you can be sure that you're buying and selling at a fair price.

Scales for Fishing

Don't get caught without a scale next time you're fishing. Whether you're looking for your trophy fish or just need to be sure that your catch is legal, every fisherman needs a hanging scale.

Why Use a Digital Kitchen Scale?

Using a kitchen scale is an easy way to help keep track of how much food you're taking in. Lose weight or just stay in shape with a scale from Digital Scales AZ.

Digital Scales for Soil Testing

Make sure you're fertilizing your crops properly by testing the nutrients in the soil with one of our digital scales.


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