Salter Nutritional Dietary Computer Scale

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Salter Nutritional Dietary Computer Scale

The Salter Nutritioal Dietary Computer Scale is an ultra thin portion control platform with a modern look. The flat glass surface allows the user to weigh and calculate the nutrional value of their food by the actual portion size. With over 900 foods pre-programmed and the abilty to calculate 7 nutritional values (calories, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, sodium, fat, and cholesterol) this scale gives you the ability to closely monitor everything from day to day eating habits to the strictest of diets. The Aquatronic add and weigh feature allows you to measure ingredients wet or dry making this a great scale for those recipes that require precision. The touch sensor buttons are complimented by a oversized LCD display that allows you to see all nutritional values at once. Backed by a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.


Product Specs
Precision/Readability .1oz / 1g
Capacity 11 lbs
Weighing Units oz, g
Power Options 3 AAA Batteries (Included)
Colors Available Grey
Weighing Platform Size 9.5" x 9.5"
Included Accessories 3 AAA Batteries
Warranty 10 Years

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