Salter Brecknell SBI-505 Digital Indicator

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The Salter Brecknell SBI-505 Digital Indicator is perfect for use with any Salter Brecknell digital scale or platform. It is capable of displaying resolutions up to 30,000 and is NTEP Certified at 5,000. Great for checkweighing, counting, and standard weighing applications, the SBI 505 comes with RS-232 female DB9 interface cable and ac adaptor. Ready for use right out of the box. Designed to last, being made out of mild steel and featuring a stainless steel mount for either wall or desktop mounting. If you’ve been looking for a top quality digital indicator for your Salter Brecknell scale, this is the one you want!

• Display: Red LED, Six Digits (20mm/0.8in high)
• Display Resolution: Up to 30,000
• Accuracy: Class III NTEP at 5,000
• Certification: NTEP CC #11-082
• Rating: IP65
• Load Cell Capability: 6@ 350 ohm
• Power Options: 120/220VAC 60Hz/50Hz
• Power Output: 9.0V center positive
• Excitation: 5 VDC
• Internal ADC: 2,000,000
• Operating Temp: -10° C to 40° C (14° F to 104° F)
• Construction: Mild Steel housing, Stainless Steel Mount
• Finish: Powder Coated Paint
• RS-232: Female DB9 connection
• Time and Date: Standard Military Format
• Modes: Checkweighing, Count, Weight, Total and Print
• Operation Keys: On/Off, Count, Total, Gross, Tare, Print, Zero, kg/lb
• Calibration: Front panel access
• Product Code: AWT05-505729
• Dimensions (WxLxH) (mm/in): 47mm220x149/1.875x8.675x5.875
• Shipping Weight:1.3kg/2.875lb

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