Salter Brecknell Round SST Pan With Chains

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These weighing pans from Salter Brecknell include chains for quick and easy hanging from any digital or analog hanging scale. The pans assemblies feature a bowl style pan that measures 12-inches (305 mm) in diameter, providing enough room for many small or one medium sized item. Their stainless steel construction offers strength and durability for continuous weighing of items up to 56lb (25 kg).

Since Salter Brecknell manufactures these weighing pans, you know your getting a top quality product that will last, for an affordable price.

**Orders shipping to CA will incur a separate charge of 10% sales tax.

Orders shipping to WA will incur a separate charge of 12% sales tax.**

Product Specs
Capacity 56lb/25kg
Colors Available Stainless Steel
Weighing Platform Size 12" (305 mm)
Included Accessories Weighing Pan and Chains

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