Salter "Add and Weigh" Mechanical Kitchen Scale

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Salter "Add and Weigh" Mechanical Kitchen Scale

Salter's "Add and Weigh" is a simple yet accurate kitchen scale. The scale features a easy to use "add and weigh" function that allows you to weigh seperate ingredients in the same bowl. The ABS weighing dial can be easily read through a clear window at the base of the scale. With a maximum capcity of 5lb, you can measure your ingredients in 1 ounce or 25 gram increments. A quick turn of the dial and the scale resets back to zero. The clear bowl is dishwasher safe and inverts over the top of the scale for easy storage. Fully backed by a Salter 10 Year Warranty, the Add and Weigh Mechanical Kitchen Scale is one you don't want to be without!

Product Specs
Precision/Readability 1 oz / 20g
Capacity 5lb / 2.3kg
Weighing Units oz, g
Power Options Mechanical
Colors Available White
Weighing Platform Size 6"
Warranty 10 Years

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