Ohaus Pioneer Precision Balance

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Ohaus Pioneer Precision Balance

For basic weighing applications, Ohaus created a sturdy, reliable workhouse: the Ohaus Pioneer Precision balance. This scale offers simplicity and speed among its chief features. In addition to just the basics, the Pioneer takes it one step further: the ability to perform parts counting and percent weighing in 15 weigh modes. Even more, enhance your weighing climate by making use of the Pioneer's front-end level and an array of environmental filter settings and modes. The Pioneer is designed to provide quick, accurate readings no matter the setting for years to come. Use this scale in the field or the lab or classroom.


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Product Specs
Calibration Manual; Test Weight - 2kg + 2kg, F1
Communication RS232
Display LCD with backlight
Stabilization Time 3s
Working Environment 50°F – 104°F, 80%RH, non-condensing
Precision/Readability 0.1g
Capacity 4,100g
Weighing Units Baht; Carat; Custom; Grain; Gram; Hong Kong Tael; Mesghal; Milligram; Momme; Newton; Ounce; Ounce Troy; Pennyweight; Pound; Singapore Tael; Taiwan Tael; Tical; Tola
Power Options AC Adapter
Weighing Platform Size 180mm / 7in
Included Accessories RS232, AC Adapter

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