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Ohaus Navigator XL Series

The Ohaus Navigator XL is part of the new "Hands-Free" series of tabletop scales built for multiple applications across a wide spectrum of uses. Designed for operation in sensitive lab and industrial environments, there are very few jobs the Navigator can't handle. Utilizing the innovation and imagination Ohaus is famous for, the new Navigator series of scales allows for unrivaled versatility at a great price! Operators can utilize two touchless sensors allowing them to focus on handling specimins and samples without risk of spreading contamination. A bright easy to read back -lit display and easy to use interface allow you to switch between applications and functions with the sweep of a hand or push of a button. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! The Ohaus Navigator series also features:

  • Built with polished stainless steel pan, corrosion-free plastic housing and spill-resistant pan sub assembly the Navigator is easy to clean and maintain "contamination-free".
  • Navigator has a mechanical overload protection system that allows it to withstand loads up to 4 times it's maximum rated capacity.
  • It can weigh in several modes including: Weigh, Count, Percent, Checkweigh, Accumulation/Totalization.
  • Variable sample sizing for increased accuracy.
  • Stabilizes in less than one second ensuring a quick accurate reading in minmal operating time.
  • Includes an internal rechargeable lead acid battery with up to 100 hours of operating time on a full charge.
  • RS232 Interface for connecting to computers and printers.
  • Integrated security bracket so you can lock down your scale and prevent unwanted movement or theft.


NVL 10000/1: Capacity 10,000g / 22lb Readability 1g / 0.005lb

NVL 1101/1: Capacity 1,100g / 2.4lb Readability 0.1g / 0.0005lb

NVL 20000/1: Capacity 20,000g / 44lb Readability 1g / 0.005lb

NVL 2101/1: Capacity 2,100g / 4.6lb Readability 0.1g / 0.0005lb

Whether you work in a lab, industrial, or food handling environment the Ohaus Navigator is sure to fit virtually any need. And with Ohaus's commitment to quality you can rest assured that the Navigator will give you years of service. Get your's today!

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Product Specs
Calibration Manual; Test Weight - 500g, OIML F2 or ASTM CL 4
Communication Etherne; RS232; USB
Display 6 full segment LCD white auto backlight or Red LED
Precision/Readability 0.1g
Capacity 1,100g
Weighing Units Carat; Grain; Gram;Hong Kong Tael; Kilogram; Newton; Ounce; Ounce Troy; Pennyweight; Pound; Pound:Ounce; Pound:Ounce (fractional); Singapore Tael; Taiwan Tael; Tical; Tola
Power Options AC Adapter, Rechargeable Internal Battery, 4 C (LR14) batteries
Colors Available White
Weighing Platform Size 194mm x 203mm / 7.6in x 8in
Included Accessories AC Adapter, Rechargeable Battery
Warranty 2 Year

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