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OHAUS Defender D500M mobile floor beam scales are mechanical industrial grade scales designed for a wide range of applications where economy and simplicity are required. When the D500M is not in use, the positive beam-lock with keep the indicator securely in place, minimizing the chance of damage to the scale mechanism. When using the D500M, the easy-to-read, dual-sided, flat beam is designed with a shadow-proof poise, which allows for quick reading in almost all lighting conditions. The Defender D500M can be setup quickly and includes counterpoise weights for weighing materials up to 1,000 pounds.

• Versatility: Adaptable to most general industrial and commercial weighing applications
• Durability: Fabricated carbon steel constructed and designed for a long and accurate life
• Maneuverability: With its lightweight and wear-resistant phenolic wheels the D500M has low resistance movement
• Legal for Trade – The D500M portable floor beam scale is NTEP certified legal for trade in the US

Specifications by model:

• Capacity: 1,000 lb
• Readability:  0.5 lb
• NTEP Certified Resolution: 1:2,000
• Platform size: 19.25 x 28.13 in
• Beam: Die-cast dual-side flat beam
• Base: Fabricated carbon steel
• Poise: Shadow-proof positive beam lock
• Wheels: 4 x 5 in diameter, phenolic
• Counterpoise Weights: 2 x 100 lb, 1 x 200 lb, 1 x 500 lb (1,000 lb Total)
• Net Weight: 113.5 lb
• Shipping Weight: 124 lb
• Shipping Dimensions: 50.0W x 31.5D x 7.3H in

D500M Manual

D500M Datasheet

NTEP CC No. 08-070

Defender D500M mobile beam scales meet OHAUS's quality management system, which is registered to ISO 9001:2008


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Product Specs
Calibration Manual; Test Weight - 1000lb, OIML M1 or ASTM CL F
Precision/Readability 0.5lb / Certified - 0.5lb
Capacity 1,000lb
Weighing Units Pound
Power Options Manual/Analog
Weighing Platform Size 714cm x 489cm / 28.13in x 19.25in
Certifications NTEP

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