NCI 7680 Postal Weight Classifier Scale

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NCI 7680 Postal Weight Classifier Scale


The NCI 7680 Postal Weight Classifier Scale has Quartzell® transducers that provide the most repeatable and accurate weight measurements for mail manifesting or any application requiring high resolution. It offers a very fast digital response with its inherent digital signal that allows the scale to weight faster. The display features a bright, crisp 1/2" high LCD screen. Constructed with a stainless steel weigh platter, this mild steel painted base features alternate span points that make field calibration easy. Metrologic configurations allow for you to set-up the scale to display weight as multi-range, multi-interval or high resolution. If you need a scale that will quickly and accurately get the job done, try the NCI 7680 today!

Classifier Mode
Scale Mode
Kg Mode
0-10 lb x 0.1 oz
0-10 lb x 0.005 lb
0-5 kg x 0.005 kg
10-150 lb x 0.5 oz
10-150 lb x 0.02 lb
5-75 kg x 0.01 kg


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Product Specs
Capacity 150lb/75kg
Weighing Units lb, oz, kg
Power Options 120 VAC (+10% -15%), 60 Hz, standard 3-wire ground
Colors Available Stainless Steel
Weighing Platform Size 18" L x 18" W x 4.6" H
Included Accessories RS-232 Port/Cable
Warranty 1 Year

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