MyWeigh Vox 3000 TS Digital Scale

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MyWeigh Vox 3000 TS Digital Scale with 3000g Capacity

Meet MyWeigh's Vox 3000 TS: the world's only precision kitchen scale that talks!

Though the Vox 3000 TS works perfectly with the stainless steel weighing tray along, this digital talking scale brings its own acrylic bowl along for convenience in the kitchen.  The MyWeigh Vox 3000 TS is outfitted with a professional grade 3000-division load cell with four strain gauge sensors to guarantee your digital scale is never overworked.  Battery-powered and lifetime warrantied, the MyWeigh Vox 3000 TS is the ultimate digital kitchen scale.

Product Specs
Scale Dimensions 9.3" x 6.6" x 1.3"
Precision/Readability 1g
Capacity 3000g
Weighing Units g, lb:oz
Power Options 9 Volt Battery
Colors Available Black
Weighing Platform Size 2.7" x 7.2" diameter
Included Accessories batteries, bowl
Warranty 30 years

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